I. General 

These terms and conditions apply to all expressly, mutually accepted agreements between a client and START TO BE YOU, Groeneweg 44 , B – 9200, Dendermonde (further Start2BU). Other terms and conditions, such as the client’s own terms and conditions are only valid if they have been expressly accepted in writing by Start2BU.

II. Validity of conditions – quotes 

These conditions of sale shall be provided to each potential client, possibly referring to the website. By placing an order the customer accepts these terms and conditions. The sale will only be established after explicit acceptance of the order by Start2BU. The parties expressly acknowledge that documents exchanged between each other via the web, email or fax have the same authentic value as the original documents. The rates quoted by Start2BU are exclusive of VAT, unless specificied otherwise, and are valid for thirty days.

III. Commitment effort

Each assignment undertaken by Start2BU is always a pure effort commitment. The client is responsible for the timely disclosure of all relevant information and where applicable for any provision of staff and/or appropriate infrastructure. Start2BU cannot be held responsible for not taking into account any information which has not been explicitly communicated by the client, and whether or not the client achieves certain operating results.

IV. No-show fee

In the event participants who registered for free introductory sessions/free workshops do not cancel more than 24 hours prior to the start of the event, or in the case of force majeure, a no-show fee of 50 euros plus VAT will be charged. This fee covers the administrative costs and the costs of any catering.

V. Terms of payment

All invoices are payable ‘contant’ to Start2BU by bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Overdue payments entitle Start2BU to interrupt supplies or services without any demand for compensation by the client. Non-payment on the due date of an invoice makes the balance of any other invoices due immediately, even if the due date was not yet reached. From the due date an interest can be demanded equal to the legal rate plus two percent and this without giving notice. Additional compensation of 10% with a minimum of 100 euros may be required in judicial recovery.

VI. Early termination of the contract

In case of force majeure , or the occurrence of an event not reasonably foreseeable , the parties may prematurely terminate a contract. This should be motivated in writing to the other party with proof of the situation in which one relies. Such situations relieve parties from all liability. Start2BU reserves the right to consider the contract terminated by law and without prior notice in the event of bankruptcy, suspension of payments, insolvency , as well as in any unexpected change in the legal status of the client , without entitlement to any compensation by the client. If, for any reason other than those mentioned above the client makes an early termination of the contract, Start2BU shall be entitled to a compensation which is further defined in the specific conditions attached to each contract. In case of early termination Start2BU always retains at least claim to payment of invoices for work performed until then.

VII. Planning and delivery

Time Indications are provided only by way of information. Start2BU cannot be held responsible for exceeding any such limits unless explicitly agreed liable. Start2BU is not liable for any damages that may incur to services once they have been delivered. Start2BU is not obliged to retain any copy of these products and/or services. Start2BU is not liable for personal interpretation or processing services by the client.

VIII. Intellectual property and confidentiality

All copyright and intellectual property rights related to any product / service developed by Start2BU remain the exclusive property of Start2BU . The client will always get the full use of all products / services specifically designed for him but can never without explicit written approval of Start2BU allow third parties to use them. Start2BU is bound to confidentiality of all information and data from the client toward third parties. Start2BU will take all possible precautions to protect the interests of the client with respect to the contract.

IX. Complaints

Any complaint must be addressed to Start2BU in writing within eight calendar days of receipt of the invoice. If the client takes into use some of the provided services by any means this is considered as acceptance of the entire delivery. Defects in part of the services do not provide the right to disapprove the full delivery. Throughout the supply Start2BU is never liable for any consequential damages suffered by the client.

X. Dispute

This agreement is governed by Belgian law. In case of dispute Start2BU will always do everything possible to reach an agreement. If this fails the courts of Dendermonde have jurisdiction.

XI. Remainder

Failure to apply of one or more provisions of these general conditions by Start2BU shall not be construed as a waiver of these terms and conditions by the client . Failure to validate one or more provisions of these general conditions does not mean that the other conditions can not apply.