What will you learn in the course  ‘Communication with Impact’ ?

  • Discover your natural communication style in interaction with others in an active, playful way
  • Learn how to change the frequency of your communication by tuning to the wavelength of the receiver
  • Understand how to avoid conflicts and when you are on the verge of entering into conflict
  • Become more assertive in your communication
  • Apply effective communication
  • Gain awareness of how you can influence effective behaviour by giving recognition for work well-delivered
  • Finally, learn and experience what it feels like to give and receive effective feedback
  • And all this means that in future instead of avoiding confrontrations, you will be able to have difficult conversations with your team without too much stress

Do you sometimes think?

  • Why do I always have to explain again and again?
  • Is it not clear enough what I say or are they simply not listening?
  • What did I say wrong now?
  • How can I best manage this difficult conversation?

For whom?

  • Anyone who wants to become more aware of his/her natural communication style
  • Team leaders who manage teams to achieve a result
  • Sales people/entrepreneurs who are in direct contact with customers and suppliers
  • For anyone who is curious to learn in a fun way about the impact of our own communication style on others and how we can adapt it effectively to the receiver
  • For those who wish to encourage assertiveness in themselves and in others

Communication with Impact  – Practical information!

Experiential workshop of 1 day (see more info below) + individual coaching session


This course is currently not available in open programme. Please contact Start to be YOU for more information.

Tariff and content of the package

Unavailable at the moment in open programme, please get in touch for future programme or intra-company formula.

  • intake call via phone prior to the workshop
  • an active course day with lots of interaction and reflection between participants
  • coaching session of 1 hour after the 1-day course/workshop to work individually on personal learning objectives
  • a light sandwich lunch, refreshments included

The course will run as soon as 4 registrations are received. The maximum number in a group is 8.

* Start to be YOU is a certified provider for training under the SME e-wallet (KMO-portefeuille), which may allow you to apply for a subsidy of up to 40% from the Flemish government.

Why should you attend the course “Communication with Impact” with Start to be YOU ?

  • Start to be YOU is using the experiential learning methodology, enabling participants to gain new insights with accompanying feelings and thoughts which are based on the experience in the moment.
  • The course is very dynamic and it enables learning in a safe environment through the use of simulation exercises.
  • The learning methodology is playful at the same time, it stimulates creativity and it is a fun way to learn.

Would you like to know why play and exploring are important in organisational development?

Read the blog here. 

This course can be organised intra-company with teams, for managers, for employees who frequently interact with third parties or as a basis for team coaching or individual coaching.

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is based on Kolb’s experiential learning cycles (ELT)**. It offers the opportunity to learn by doing and experiencing. Instead of telling, teaching, powerpoint-ing about how things should be done, participants are completely immersed in an experience, not just mentally, but also physically and emotionally. After each exercise they reflect on the experience and connect their experiences with easy-to-understand concepts. Next they put the learning conclusions into practice which in turn will lead to new learning experiences.

“Learning is the process by which knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (Kolb, 1984, p. 38).

Benefits of the methodology

  • In a very participative way we work with exercises which offer new insights
  • The exercises are a simulation of what typically happens in a working environment. They are chosen to meet the learning objectives of the programme.
  • After each exercise new insights from the experience are shared during reflection moments.
  • By drawing learning points based upon a here-and-now experience, the insights are much more realistic and sustainable than simply learning through knowledge transfer.
  • Abstract concepts and theoretical models are explained to support the learning experience.
  • The methodology meets different learning styles: for people who like active learning, those who like to reflect, for those who like to understand theoretical models and for pragmatists. Everyone’s learning styles’ needs are met.