Coaching programmes

Individual and team coaching, fast coaching and walking coaching

coaching 1-1

  • For leaders and/or entrepreneurs and for teams
  • Learning objectives discussed and agreed in advance
  • Evaluation of effectiveness during and after sessions

LEADERS FAST LANE – fast coaching

  • A one hour executive coaching session by telephone
  • Result and action plan within one call
  • To the point, no-nonsense

TALK THE WALK – walking coaching

  • Coaching and a walk combined during lunch break
  • One or more sessions possible
  • New in 2019!

Coaching 1-1 and teamcoaching

Coaching for leaders to:

  • Improve impact on people
  • Encourage and influence people in a positive way
  • Organise themselves better
  • Increase awareness of the impact of their leadership styles

Team coaching to:

  • Get to know each other better
  • Grow and develop trust in the team
  • Have effective and respectful conversations and develop solutions

Fast coaching

Leaders Fast Lane

  • A one hour executive coaching session by telephone
  • Result and action plan within one call
  • To-the-point, no-nonsense

Cleared for take off in one hour

It doesn’t need to take 6 to 12 months of coaching to experience a major breakthrough for leaders.

It only takes an hour to think about a leadership topic and to define the action to:

  • Make people feel accountable without micro-managing
  • Take control over your own schedule
  • Deliver what’s required without taking control
  • Prioritise and focus
  • Take control over your work
  • Really relax during your holidays

Join me for 15 minutes on the phone and we can talk about one idea

  • Free Fast Friday Call of 15 minutes fast coaching
  • Have a feel how Leaders Fast Lane telephone coaching works
  • No time to waste
  • Information will be sent to you after the call
  • Book your call now – join me this Friday

Here is how you get your results:

  • Book your Fast Friday Call
  • See if I can help you, if not no problem
  • If yes, I send you some more information about availabilities and rates
  • I send you a preparation document for reflection before the call
  • The COACHING CALL of one hour
  • Follow-up call after 2 weeks of half an hour
  • Cleared for take off !
  • Safe leadership journey !

Walking coaching

Talk the Walk NEW!

Do you have a desk job?

Would you like to do some physical activity whilst working? Explore your leadership skills, your management style and your professional ambition whilst walking?

Then TALK THE WALK is your kind of coaching.


  • You have the opportunity to explore yourself whilst walking in a different environment
  • Combine physical activity with self-reflection during lunch hour
  • Go back to the office with an action plan and a positive energy boost

What to bring: Walking shoes and your lunch pack

Certified facilitator:
Christine Reijnders

Start to be YOU is a certified service provider for training under the SME e-wallet (KMO-portefeuille). Subject to eligibility you may apply for a subsidy of up to 40% for your training from the Flemish government.


What executives say:

My coach is very flexible and adapts enormously to meet my needs to tackle urgent themes which fully require my attention.

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