The impact of a simple ‘hello, how are you?’ in cross-cultural communication

2019-08-07T12:05:48+02:0014 Mar 2019|Effective communication, Leadership, Working together|

The impact of a simple 'hello, how are you?' in cross-cultural communication Cultural differences are not always experienced at a fair distance from home. They can be observed as soon as we drive through the next village, city or county. Over long periods of time societies have developed their own norms and values [...]

Understanding your personal communication style – why it is important

2019-08-07T12:05:03+02:0030 Oct 2017|Assertiveness, Authenticity, Effective communication, experiential learning, Leadership|

Understanding your personal communication style - why it is important Understanding your personal communication style will help you communicate more effectively, be heard and listened to. Whenever I ask leaders in organisations what they find most difficult about leading an organisation and leading people, it often comes down to “communication”. This is why [...]

Increase employee engagement through recognition and appreciation

2019-08-07T12:03:51+02:0005 Sep 2014|Effective communication, Leadership, Self-confidence|

A sports event in a packed stadium where everyone is dead quiet, no ecouragement….. Supporters are silent, no waving of flags, no hooters, no ‘mexican waves’ … How will the players perform ? Not very well I presume. Lacking appreciation and encouragement a player/athlete will not perform at the same level as when he's encouraged. An audience shouting [...]

How to motivate and inspire employees ?

2019-08-07T12:03:37+02:0013 Jun 2014|Effective communication, Leadership|

These simple tips will help you create a healthy work atmosphere in which employees will be motivated to achieve the desired results. Apply the Platinum Rule It's so obvious that each device has its user manual but also individuals have unique needs and desires. Some people need more recognition and appreciation. Others want more guidance [...]