The strategic aquarium at work

2019-08-07T12:03:01+02:0014 Mar 2014|Authenticity|

Authenticity versus strategic self-preservation What marine life has in common with behaviour at work Do you show your real self to your team, employees and peers at work ? Do you share your strenghts, weaknesses, dreams, feelings and what inspires you with other people ? Or do you keep your vulnerability hidden beneath a solid [...]

How vulnerability relates to authenticity

2019-08-07T12:02:54+02:0002 Mar 2014|Authenticity|

In her TED talk about vulnerability Brené Brown talks about her findings of research she conducted over many years on the universal wish of people to feel connected. She explains how some people find it very easy to connect with people around them and for others it remains a struggle to feel loved and belonging. After [...]